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With 15 years of experience working with international brands, we offer tailor-made digital platforms , developed by truly listening to our clients' needs and creating customized, scalable solutions.

Our approach ensures that every tool we create is perfectly suited to your unique requirements and capable of growing with your business.

We adopt a flexible approach, dedicating the same level of commitment and expertise to projects of any size. Excellence is at the core of our ethos, upheld by every member of our team, which includes dedicated specialists for each client to ensure a genuine human collaboration behind every digital platform. Our team consists of programmers, designers, project managers, account managers, filmmakers, photographers, and copywriters, both internal and from BaseCamp Studio partners.


We do

we do

DIGITAL SALES TOOLS: Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), digital tools, publishing, digital catalogue, sales tools, gamification – Adobe extension scripts and automatic pagination – digital and code – data migration – data transformation – sales strategies.

CREATIVE INPUT, BRANDING, VISUAL DESIGN: content – concept and creative – graphic design services – photoshoots – branding – editorial design – art direction and brand strategy.

Here at BaseCamp Studio we believe that data plays a critical role in shaping upcoming projects and assessing the success of various approaches. When a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system with a Brand Platform integrated is positioned at the core of a digital network, it furnishes priceless understanding regarding how assets are utilized and their performance.

This empowers enterprises to enhance the efficiency and impact of their digital strategy for forthcoming endeavors.

How we can help you

We support companies with honest feedback taking a flexible approach to each commission, working together with clients to get great results on time and on budget.

Keeping levels of excellence high is a central to our work ethos for every member of our team.

Your success, with our innovation

From marketing automation to data analysis, from content management platforms to artificial intelligence strategies, our goal is to provide useful resources and inspiration for digital marketing professionals.