A new era for your brand life and contents.

We're problem solvers, designers, marketers, technologists and data gurus. We are working to design your custom-built platform, a powerful brand platform and Digital Asset Management platform (DAM) giving you an uncomplicated, integrated and user-friendly environment for your digital asset storage management and data sharing.
To simplify your job, eliminating repetitive tasks and over-elaborate processes. All in a unique custom platform.

We not only talking about Software as a Service (Saas) but also an environment specifically designed to manage all of your assets, from creation to distribution. A highly customised platform built especially for you, working together with people you can trust to make the difference by bringing unique value to your business.

What exactly do we mean by digital assets? By definition, digital assets are any items that can be digitally stored, uniquely identifiable, ones which organisations/companies can use to create value. For example: photos, videos, audio files, logos, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

Your DAM, anytime, anywhere

A custom-built solution based on your needs.

The BaseCamp DAM Platform can help your teams, their partners, distributors, franchisees and anyone else involved to accurately represent your brand, at scale.

Our brand management platform been specially designed to help you CREATE - ORGANISE - DEPLOY your company message through automated, centralised and integrated processes.

Design your custom Digital Assets Management Platform and get great results on time and on budget.

Your DAM, anytime, anywhere

100% tailor made.

Any DAM platform can manage your resources, but ours is the only one to offer a 100% tailor-made cloud-native platform with a custom-built look and functions, giving you the integrations of your choice.

Why do we take this approach? We know there are plenty of high-performance SaaS software packages on offer, but after 15 years of consulting we've also come to realise that the best performance comes from working together with our customers, pooling our skills and resources to follow the whole process from start to finish, and staying at your side with great after-sales support. We aim to offer a highly specialised consultancy service able to add value to your organisation by developing and integrating DTC services based on your company's specific needs.

While other DAM tools may try to force you to choose between scalability and customisation, we can offer innovative custom-built solutions ready to be put in place to meet even the most demanding needs of your company. We automate the most repetitive processes, integrating other software with our platform.

Your DAM, anytime, anywhere

How does it work?

What makes us different


Branded Portal

Our platform simplify management processes, automating repetitive operations, improving approval workflows and simplifying asset tracking. From the creation to the distribution of data and images enabling smoother, faster and more secure collaboration between tools.


Enhanced User- Experience

No other DAM offers the same 100% tailor-made look-and-feel cloud- native solution with automated workflows. Allowing you to use a single platform to create catalogues, adapt and distribute marketing content or distribute data and images to different markets.


Easily Integrated Cloud-based DAM

Everyone knows that advanced multimedia content can enhance customer experience, even though distributing this across a wide range of devices, vendors, and sales channels can be a real challenge. That's why we've made sure that any software from external vendors can be easily integrated to create high-impact multimedia experiences including e-Com, virtual retail, digital showroom, editing (Adobe).